There comes a time in every man's life.

Fuck it. You guys wanted to know why I'm gone, maybe. So I supposed I'll share.

Editor's note: This was actually written about 1.5 - 2 weeks ago, but through laziness and otherwise neglect has not been posted. Thank Suicide for keeping on us ME here at The VWF to get it posted.

I'm tired. I started The VWF way back in 1999 with Triple B, or Brad as I'm gonna refer to him here, as this isn't some bullshit story. Brad and I (yes, my real name is Vince) were members of this piece of crap federation called EWF. I had been wrestling around for a few years, and the good feds that I was in had just folded. I had introduced Brad to this stuff a few years prior (we met online. How romantic), and through some odd twist of fate, we ended up both attending the same college, Northern Illinois University. He actually found it, and as a joke he asked me if I would join up, and we actually attempted to roleplay as shitty as we possibly could. And somehow, he ended up holding the Hardcore Title and being undefeated, while I couldn't get a belt at all. You know how he won it? He beat up a keg in a roleplay, then spelled "Hardcore Belt" wrong fifteen times. Great fed, huh? Well, somebody hacked the site and shut them down. So, I told Brad I was sick and tired of feds closing, so let's open one of our own. And so, The VWF was born.

Unfortunately, I had lost the desire to roleplay that much. So, I kind of took a backseat to roleplaying, and ran the site, which I enjoyed for awhile. Because to be honest, I am better than anyone that has EVER come through these doors. Brad will back me up I think here. I am better than Curt Evans. Crimson Lightening. Fugitive. Jonny Kae. Mike Awesome. Flex. EVERYONE. I was a GOD at writing roleplays. Then, my job took a turn, and I had no more time. Brad offered to take over the site, but he kind of screwed himself out of the VWF title there because he was in charge. I have never known somebody who was more adimate about NOT having a President hold the main belt. So, that was then end of Viking and Crimson being in top belts spots. Which was sad. I'm going to put Brad over here alot. Brad is a great guy. I have never met someone who is as funny, and down to earth as Brad is. He does great work, and it always willing to work with people. I don't know how many people he's talked down over the years on this site, myself included. But enough about Brad. Because he's ugly.

When Brad handed over the site, in my opinion, despite the fact that I like these guys and got along with them, Vickers, Foxx and Shady drove it into the ground. They fucked up my creation, and I was angry for awhile that they let it come to where it went. I was downright pissed off. In fact, when Brad came to me and suggested bringing it back, I didn't even want to let them back in. I was that angry about it. I was especially angry at Vixxen, who in my opinion just bastardized the entire thing completely. Thankfully, she did it under a different banner. But I am going to go on record right now to say this. Vixxen is a fucking lunatic. I may or may not have shared all of this. I offered her a spot to come back. In fact, this is the e-mail I received...

count ViXXen in. i'll send ya the profile once i get it back together.

>From: VWF Prez
>To:,, >,,, >,, >Subject: The VWF... Updated
>Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 17:31:38 -0800 (PST)

> >Ok. Perhaps I should have explained this earlier, but >here it goes:

> >The reason for the site being down was a problem with >Geocities while Triple B was getting us our old domain >name back. That is now fixed. The new link for The >VWF is . Also, we have updated the >look and feel of the site. Most everything is up and >working, with the exception of the Almanac and PPV >pages. Those will come shortly. RAW is still >scheduled to go off tonight, which will happen later >on this evening. Most of the card is done, I just >have another match to write and a little formating and >we're in business. If you have any questions, I WILL >be in and out of the office the next few days, feel >free to drop me a line. And remember, CONTINUE TO >SPREAD THE WORD! I kind of didn't do any advertising >or pushing for the site the last week since we've been >in limbo, and I didn't want everyone's impression of >us that the site was already gone.

> >Thanks again and keep roleplaying!

Ok? So, that told me she wanted back in. I put her on the roster and booked her. She doesn't roleplay. I then hear through the grapevine that she says that she would never join our "evil federation." Evil? What the fuck? So, I e-mailed her. This was my e-mail correspondance with her:


Cisco said that you weren't coming over to the dark side, and I haven't heard anything out of you since you said you would come back. Um... did you change your mind? If you did, that's fine. I was just curious why. I don't recall saying anything to piss you off, so I was just kind of curious.

VWF Prez,

So her response was...

--- Ally aka ViXXen wrote:

> when i ran a fed i always talked to people before i > added them to the roster > or even gave them a walk through in a show, > especially spelling their name > wrong or tagging them wrong. if you wanted me to be > a part of your fed you > should have emailed me back telling me you got the > email and discussing if > there was a place for me. as far as i'm concerned > there didn't look like > there was a place for me especially when my name is > ViXXen, not Vixxen. > that's a totally different person in efedding from > what i've seen.

At this point, my head hurt alot. But I tried to be diplmatic


So let me get this straight... you send me an e-mail saying "count ViXXen in. i'll send ya the profile once i get it back together." Which tells me that you're in. So we put you on the roster and I give you a match. It's not like I NEED you. I just want people on the roster, and I tried to offer anyone the opportunity to join up who used to be affiliated with the VWF or WCCW. And you got mad because we forgot to capitolize TWO LETTERS IN YOUR NAME? Are you kidding me? If you had a problem with anything, the way I RUN my fed, is you can contact me and I'll try to fix the problem if I can. You told me on the 4th of December to count you in. I waiting until the 8th to add you in a match, since I have heard nothing from you. You originally told me that you didn't want to join unless Curtis Payne did, which I didn't understand, but I said ok. When Curtis DID join, I figured I would tell you. I've never worked with you before, ViXXen. But I get the feeling that you have to have things your way or nothing. If you don't want to be a part of The VWF, that's fine with me. We have a big enough roster and it will get bigger as time goes by. If you still want to be a part of The VWF I would say fine as well. But I will tell you this. Getting mad and pouting about anything solves nothing. The VWF is fun. We all have fun around here, no matter what our position in the company. That's why it lasted so long. That's why the federation I created back in 1999 lasted as long as it did. It didn't go under why I was on watch. It fell under much later after that. You don't want in? Fine. But come and at least tell me man to woman rather than telling guys online that you don't want to "join the darkside." I'm not mad at all, just a little confused by your behavior. I'm going to remove you from the match on RAW. If you want off the roster, I'll do that to, but not until you say something. But reguardless what you think you want to do here in The VWF, do me a favor. Come to me with problems. Notice I didn't make any rash decisions when I heard about you taking off. I asked you. In the future, ask me.

VWF Prez,

So I got a little mad. No biggie. I think I layed down how I felt pretty clear, and hopefully that would elicite a response from her. Which it did...

--- Ally aka ViXXen wrote:

> i was waiting to find out A) what you wanted to do > with me B) let you know i > am not wrestling at the moment and C) the etc from > you before i said > anything. i was waiting from an email saying "hey > let's do this or what do > you got in mind for a place in the vwf." but i never > got such an email. hell > i didn't even know you even received my email. i'm > talking common courtesy > in this is what made me mad. now the letter thing is > simple cause Vixxen is > another girl in another efed somewhere. ViXXen is me > and i'm not a WCCW > star, i was the WCCW General Manager. there's a > difference a small one, but > one that would have been know if you came and told > me that you got the email > and started pitching angle ideas with me. i've ran > efeds and i was a general > manager in a real life fed for 3 years, i know what > respecting your roster > is about. you talk with them before you start using > them in something > because simply you could be using them wrong. just > as the simple fact that > ViXXen is not wrestling at the moment because she is > pregnant. plain and > simple, all i was asking for was the courtesy to > email me say simply "i got > the email welcome aboard" but i never got that and > would never have known > shit if ck wouldn't have told me. see my point? if > ya don't, than all i > gotta say is you need to rework ya people skills.

> ViXXen

My head hurt even more. So I responded, despite Samantha telling me I was crazy. ViXXen,

Ok. So if you're not wrestling, what did you want to do in The VWF? Also, I don't tell the roster what angles they are going to be in. I let them figure that out. That's what the roleplay board is for. And if they want to do something on a card, I can get that written in. For instance, Psycho Killa is coming back, but he wants to come back on the RAW show rather than in the RP Board. So I told him to write what he wants to say and I'll put it up. I decide who roleplays better to win matches. I don't decide what direction people take their characters. That's up to them. Sometimes I have suggestions for what they can do to make their characters better, and I'll do that. But I don't make decisions for what they want to do in a fed. Do you have more fun doing what you want, or doing what I tell you to do? That's why I didn't e-mail you. You said to count you in, so I took it as "Add me to the roster and I'll start up." I guess we just had a miscommunication here. So I guess I still have my first question. If ViXXen is pregnant, what do you want to do?

VWF Prez,

--- Ally aka ViXXen wrote:

> see that's why ya needed to email me. cause she can > only come back in the > grandest style on the show with her man. ofcourse > she'll be managing Curtis > Payne until she has the baby. but she won't be > having a baby. see what i > mean by you should have contacted me first.


Ok. Point taken. But point made, how is it that you want to do this then? I mean, Curtis is around but has only roleplayed once. His computer was on the fritz or something. Then I guess it makes sense if Curtis is the father of the "child." So I guess MY question is, do you WANT to do this? I mean, it's a new fed. You don't HAVE to be pregnant if you don't want to. But if you do, I don't care, it's up to you to get knocked up however you want. So I guess my question is still my original question. Do you WANT to come back, and if so, how and when?

VWF Prez,

Basically, I attempted to figure out why in the hell she was angry, and why in the hell she was taking her character THAT far. It made no sense to me. Keep in mind, WCCW had been closed and dead for a few months. A few people talked about asking her back. I basically gave up after that e-mail. She wouldn't answer my questions, and just wanted to bitch and be difficult.

Which brings me to my point. There are alot of fucking insane people on the internet, and I am fed up with "My character didn't have all five of his moves used" or "My character is pregnant from an alien snake and it has gestated completely." Seriously. All you people like that can fuck off. You know what beat down e-fedding? Not the wrestling rut. Not the degredation of wrestling fans. The fact that half of them are whiny little bitches, who don't understand that wrestling isn't about who wins and loses, it's about telling a good story and putting on a good show. You fucking babies piss me off, complaining that you "should be World Champ" and "Why aren't I squashing everyone? My fourteen characters I use in roleplays look better and they're taller." IT'S FUCKING WRESTLING! Wrestling is a world where a mentally handicapped person can win the Tag-Titles. In the real world? Tell him that Britney Spears is behind him, then fucking cold cock the retard. This is a world where a one-legged wrestler can win a match. In the real world? Kick his ONE leg out from under him, and shit kick him in the teeth. This is a world where you can fuck a corpse and drop people in cars from cranes and get away with it. This is not the normal world. Fucked up things happen all the time. Rey Mysterio should never win. Big Show should never lose. But you have to think of wrestling in the wrestling world. Normal logic does not apply. In wrestling, if you want a chick to hook up with you, you either win her in a match or you smack her around. Either way, you'll be fucking that hoe within a few weeks. In real life, it's called assault.

So shut the fuck up. Let Brad write some fucked up matches where Lions rip apart your car, and then you beat your opponent with a cash register. Let Steve Chandler die forteen times per show. And allow yourselves to be made fun of or lose, so that they'll be willing to let you do the same down the road.

You know why the veterans get along so well? Because they understand that. I can say that without a doubt, that if Smart A$$ used Curtis Payne in a roleplay, and tarred and feathered him, that Curtis wouldn't be screaming about it on the OOC Board. He'd probably be ok with it, and then fuck Smart Mom in his next roleplay in front of a marching band of midgets. The reason there are rules out there is to protect the Vixxens of the world. The people who don't get it. And yes, I purposely didn't put her x's in capitol the entire time.

Brad is in charge. You are in good hands. He ran the fed and brought it to the behemouth that it was. I started it. He brought it to 100+ wrestlers and an underground and three cards a week and twenty belts. He did it. Without me. He'll do it again. I am not bitter. I just feel like perhaps my... time to enjoy this has passed. I still watch, but I'm no longer a participant. I will miss it, but it's not for me anymore. Just remember. Have fun. Write some fucked up stuff that makes you smile.

In other words. Be more like Suicide.