You know, the last time I updated this, I completely forgot about this paragraph, and it ended up in a wierdo thing talking about the return of Crucifiction and Marcus Ravenhawk, which happened around the beginning of the year. Cna you believe that it's May already? The VWF seems to be going strong, and we've had alot of changes. A roster split, new champions and championships. VWF Leagues. That stupid B Files, which according to the statistics, is the single least visited page on the fansite. Awesome job Trips. Way to suck it up. All sorts of great stuff.

Basically, this is the way Spotlight is going to break down. First, we'll show you the five top zings. A zing would be defined as a one-line burn or insult on a wrestler on the roleplay board in response to something he or she said on the board. You'll figure it out. We'll also mention a monthly MVP of the roleplay board, and a most improved wrestler as well. After that part, we'll throw a few good quotes, and then we will post the roleplay of the month. Roleplay of the month is not the funniest, or the longest, or the most serious. It is going to be the roleplay that when you read it, makes you really interested in what the wrestler was attempting to put in. Whoever can get the point across the best. So, let's get down to it...

HONORABLE MENTION: I suffer from...Bigcockitis - Crimson Lightening to Steve Chandler: 4/23/2005, 1:35 pm

5."Hey is Tazz one of those mad puppets hahahaha!!!" - Pablo The Destroyer to Tazz: April 25, 2005, 7:51 pm

4."where did you get this guy from, i love him, he's like crimson but he's actually funny" Venom to Tazz: April 20, 2005, 12:19 pm

3."think that Well and Dowd is awesome wait until you see this well and dowd cha ching" - Cisco Kid to Ace Montana: April 25, 2005, 4:51 pm

2."Is it wrong I just looked at the pictures for twenty minutes? Were there words?" - Crimson Lightening to Fallen Angels: April 25, 2005, 1:07 am

1."Ohmigawd! He got Steven Chandlered!" - Darren Phoenix to Steve Chandler: 4/22/2005, 9:11 am

"Caretaker" - Caretaker had a little bit of an odd start. We could all tell that he wasn't your usual 'new to the scene' wrestler. Most of you newcomers, really can't type. Or spell. Or string a few ideas together very well. Caretaker was an exception. I don't think anyone ever attacked Caretaker's ability to write a descriptive and different roleplay than is in The VWF currently. Since the beginning, Caretaker was able to write well. However, he hadn't been able to figure out how to string those words together to create more... size to his roleplays. In the last month or so, he's been able to do just that. Caretaker has been able to learn on the fly and create a very entertaining and unique VWF wrestler. Caretaker is one of those guys that you know is going to be around for awhile, and it's not a matter of if he captures another title, but when. And when he does, it's going to be sweet. He's already been able to rack up a pair of brief Hardcore reigns. All he needs is that next good feud to really propell him into the next segment of Crucifiction.


"Jonny Kae" - I'm going to be honest. Last time I wrote this, Jonny Kae was really a close runner up for MVP and Roleplayer of the month. This time around, Jonny stepped it up. One of the best things for Jonny Kae's VWF career was losing the VWF Championship. Jonny may have literally rocketted to the main event scene in The VWF before Bloodlust, but he was an entertaining and breath of fresh air to the main event scene. Now, with the supposed loss of Curt Evans, Dr.Feelgood, Iman Sain, The Rick and The Vox from the main event, guys like Jonny Kae have stepped up and been able to keep it entertaining around here. And I think that Jonny now is even better. He's a little more paranoid, and a little better served. He hit a bit of a slump last week, but this week with the christening of the Britannia Heavyweight Championship, Jonny I think is going to start a great run into the summer here as a VWF Mainstay.

"Dylan Marks/Surge" - Yes, it's a tie like I said. And the reason I put those two together, is because basically, they're a unit. Dylan Marks was instrumental in stirring some much needed interest in the mid-card over on Crucifiction. Dylan's feud with Meiko Sugawara was solid, and Surge's feud with Darren Phoenix is still ongoing and doesn't look like it might stop with their showdown at Aftershock. And the ability for both of those seperate feuds to bleed back into each other has been awesome. There are still the questions of how is Surge going to be able to cope with Dylan Marks' success after he gets another 'taste' of being in the ring for real again. Will Surge be content with returning to his managerial role, or is Surge going to want more? Only time will tell.

"Crimson Lightening" - Well, he did it again. The current VWF Champion of Full House has been able to continue to entertain like only he can. There has been a curse of The VWF Championship over the years. Alot of guys who end up finally getting the top belt, somehow lose direction and flounder. Crimson has not. Crimson has two top contenders for the belt in Venom and Destruction. Crimson has an ability to roll with the punches of what is happening in The VWF, and came out on top. He really is a worthy champion, and has defended the belt almost weekly to anyone asking for a shot. And, his roleplays where he sets it all up just for one line are getting to be a high spot in MY weekly reading. Crimson is spreading the feaver all right. Check my tempurature...

(The VikingTron flickers to life, showing Crimson Lightening sitting with Ruthless Aggression. Crimson Lightening's flashy music is playing for no apparent reason. Crimson and Ruthless are in Crimson's lockerroom, watching the VWF Full House pre-show. Let's listen in! Like you weren't here for that anyway, right?)

CRIMSON: ....So there I was at this bar the other night, even though I don't drink, I was just chillin', checking out the downtown scene... and in walk these three midgets, dwarves, little people or whatever they want to be called... So I just sit there, and they plop their little asses down on some bar stools right near mine and promptly start drinking it up, trying to buy drinks for the ladies surrounding them. These ladies, who were okay looking, nothing special, but you could tell they would be some sort of Amazonian goddessess for some freaking 3 foot tall dudes... anyway, the ladies are having none of it, they must have just gotten out of How to be a Cunt class or some shit, and they start seriously ignoring the little guys. So this bar is an Irish Pub I used to hang out at a couple years ago when I did drink (and had sex with girls whose last names I didn't know and whose first names I didn't even know how to spell, damn Long Island's)... and they've got this big neon Guinness sign... I point it out to the little dudes and tell them, "you know, the ladies seem to have a certain affinity towards men with world records, maybe you guys could qualify for something?"

RUTHLESS: You were going to have them compete against Mike Awesome and Venom for smallest feet?

CRIMSON: No no no. Just listen. Well you should've seen their freaky scrunched up looking faces, it was like someone had let the sun shine down on them for the first time ever! They are so grateful to me that they beg me to accompany them to the Guinness Book of World Records Regional office in order to see if they could possibly have something quantifiable enough to allow them the glory and honor of achieving World Record tatus. So anyway, the little dudes are all gathered around, I'm smoking my pineapples and shit, you know how it is... and I ask them, "What are you guys going to apply for? You can't just walk in without an idea of what you think you should be recognized for!" Well those guys thought long and hard, hard and long, until finally one of them piped up with: "I've got it! I got some damn small hands, I would bet that I have the smallest ####ing hands in the world!" With that, he goes inside the office. Five minutes later he strolls out with a huge smile on his face. He says, "You are looking at the smallest hands in the world." Immediately two hot women, way better looking than the b###hes at the bar, walk up to him and whisk his tiny ass away. So now the two little dudes are standing around, pissed off that their buddy had the smallest hands on earth and was already getting massive amounts of pussy. I was just about to go get some coffee when the second midget hops up into the air and says, "hot damn! I got some teeny tiny ass feet! I never thought about it, but they are smaller than any other pair of feet I have ever seen!" Sure enough, the little dude walked into the office and walked right out again, proudly holding up his certificate stating that he had the smallest feet in the world.


CRIMSON: I know. So a pornography producer happened to be walking by right at that moment and practically got down on his knees to plead with the midget to star in his next 5 porno films. The dwarf is astounded and goes off with the producer to start casting. I look at the third little man, who is seriously about to cry of loneliness and sorrow. I ask him, "so, what do you think your special talent is?" The little dude looked up at me with a glint of hope in his eyes... "You know, I think I just thought of it... My buddy had the smallest hands in the world, my other buddy had the smallest feet in the world... well damn I'm littler than either of them, I gotta have the smallest dick in the world!" With that, the midget walked confidently into the office. Five minutes later, I see him walking out dejectedly. Tears are streaming down his face. I ask him how it went. He replies, "Who the #### is Destruction?"

RUTHLESS: Wait. Isn't he your partner?"

CRIMSON: Yeah. But I'm real. I'm Mr. C.

RUTHLESS: He does have alot of friends. Mr. X. Vengeance. The janitor... But it all makes sense now that you think about it. His fear of crowds. His brash demeanor. His questionable taste in pizza toppings. And not to mention the smell.

CRIMSON: Oh, that's me.


CRIMSON: Well, I am the shit.

RUTHLESS: Ha ha. Funny.

CRIMSON: I know. But you what's really funny?


CRIMSON: Iman Sain.

RUTHLESS: You're insane?

CRIMSON: No no no. The wrestler.

RUTHLESS: Which wrestler?

CRIMSON: Iman Sain.

RUTHLESS: Why do you keep saying that?

CRIMSON: Sigh... the guy who used to be Damien Rage's Gilligan.

RUTHLESS: OH! I've heard of him. Wasn't he Hardcore Champion?

CRIMSON: Yea, but he is still not even CLOSE to being Crimson. Maybe a light green or purple at best.

RUTHLESS: Is he still around here?

CRIMSON: I don't know. He might be on that other show... um... Thunder? Fury? RAW? Sould Out? One of those shows, I don't remember. It's not like I watch it. I'm a busy man. I'm the VWF Champion! I'm Crimson Lightening. I'm one sexy b###h, and I CAN'T lose. Who even cares about Mike Awesome. He doesn't even count. What he says has no bearing on what will happen. Crimson Lightening is your VWF Champion, your party animal, and your Girlfriend's next lay. I beat Cisco Kid last week. I might have beaten Mike Awesome when he was relevant. And odds are I beat Venom somewhere too. Everyone has. HA! You like that? YOU LIKE THAT?!?!?! Who NEEDS Destruction. Who NEEDS EcKo. I'm Crimson Freaking Lightening, and I'm ready to rock it steady...

RUTHLESS: Who are you talking to?

CRIMSON: There's no camera in here?