As you now know. I am back. Which means, VWF is back.

Which now leaves the question on everyone's mind...

For how long?

I think that based on how I left last time, that is a completely valid question. Allow me to retort.

I ran this fed, successfully, for many years. I handed over the fed to my friend, Will, to run, and he did an good job in my absense. I didn't always agree with his handling of every situation, but he ran the fed, and did a good job of it. Everyone runs things differently.

I have no interest in taking part in Pryde, due to the fact that it seems intent on creating an "us against them" mentallity. I don't care what other feds do at all. I just care about VWF.

I know that at this point, this may be perceived as lip service, but I am 100% committed to keeping The VWF alive, running and successfull. I give you my word that I am not going to "flake out" after a few weeks, as others have so elloquently put it.

I don't care who joins. I don't care who doesn't join. Just have fun whatever it is you are doing. And if you think the VWF is fun, then join.

I don't owe anyone anything. I ran, and will run, a free website with little to no thanks for most of the current decade, while losing money on it. I do not MAKE money on this site. I lose money. I don't get a pat on the back at the end of the day. You do. With wins. With belts. With praise. Nobody stops to say "Hey Brad, thanks for running VWF. I appreciate it." I only get shit upon if a card doesn't go up on time, or I don't take sufficient time out of my schedule to explain myself to everyone.

In the coming months, I will prove my committment through my actions. Not my words.

All I have is my word to give you now. I hope, for the moment, it is enough.

Let me know if you have questions.

That's some hot action from the entire Women's Division...